Api:cultural Honey

At Apicultural we produce delicious raw artisan honeys.

Our honey is processed by hand using traditional manual extractors and lovingly sieved at ambient room temperature before being allowed to rest and then eventually jarred and labelled ready for sale.

No heating or pasteurization is involved ensuring the product we produce is as natural as possible.

We have apiaries across the City producing a variety of honey's with different local tastes and aromas.

Here are some of the Honeys we produce:
Putney Honey

Our putney bees live on a rooftop apiary above Nando's restaurant on Upper Richmond Road and produce delicious honey containing lots of Lime blossom, Horse Chestnut and Bramble nectar and pollen.

Nando's buy most of the honey from this apiary from us for their own use. Jars are given to corporate clients, staff and suppliers. A limited number of jars are available to purchase and collect in store via our online shop.

West London Honey

Our West London bees live in a fantastic orchard fruit and vegetable garden surrounded by almost 40 fruit trees, soft fruit bushes and vegetable plots providing a year round bounty of forage. 

Beyond the garden the surrounding area is rich in Lime trees, Chestnut, Bramble along railway sidings and over 70 hectares of scrub and wildflower meadows.
North London Honey

Our North London bees reside within a secluded garden in Hackney producing delicious blossom honey from the abundant trees in the areas parks and gardens.

Olympic Park Honey

Our east London bees live within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium which is now home to West Ham United football club.

The bees are fortunate to benefit from the exceptional landscaping works and many hectares of pollinator friendly planting created around the park.

The honey is largely collected from the extensive wildflower meadows. We set this apiary up in early 2017 and the bees are thriving in their new surroundings producing a bountiful harvest.

City Centre Honey

Our city centre bees live above offices and shops in the heart of the city.

The bees produce a modest crop which is foraged from flowering trees in city centre garden squares and sedum roofs.

The honey is mostly purchased by the people who host our hives but we occasionally have surplus to sell.
London Honey

Our London Honey is a blend of honey's from our apiaries across the city bringing you the true taste of the capital with a wide range of nectar's and pollens contributing to its rich taste and aroma.

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